Tuesday, March 13, 2007

When you don't know what they are saying

This morning I was having some flashbacks about my wedding. It reflected all the horribles mistakes and missunderstandings during the ceremony.

First, I lost the gloves and a bag that go with the gown. Too bad, but I was very patient. Only on my last day in Malaysia preparing the suitcases, I found them. At least I can still wear them for my Sept wedding in France.

Then, I heard the phone keep ringing, and my mother was crazily looking for something. Then I realised that my third sister was yelling that Fabien doesn't have a bouquet and it was time for him to come fetch me! I quickly told my mother that I have personally put the bonquet in the wedding car and they should have it.

It was a chaos with people get mad at the bad organization.

Only after the ceremony, I heard the story from my sister:
My MIL was holding the bonquet which was wrapped in a plastic bag, and went with my brother in laws who drove the wedding car to Fabien's temporilary lodging.
When she arrived, she simply put the bonquet aside without telling everyone.
They then happily took pictures with Fabien.
Then it was time to go, my sister who was helping Fabien didn't see the bouquet and she got panicked. She called my mother several times and eventually we told her that it was with the wedding car, but she still couldn't find it.
And all these times, my MIL couldn't understand what they were saying, just happily be with her son.
Then, the videoman said he remembered seeing the French lady bringing a plastic bag, so it could be the bouquet. And finally they found it!

Imagine if they understand each other, all these chaos would have been avoided.


  1. Oh man, communication breakdown! I've sooo been there! Good thing it all turned out ok in the end.

  2. The communication breakdown was happened in a critical time, so it made it obvious. If not we had had hundreds of others during their stays, but we managed to get over with a laugh.