Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Feeling the good customer services again

Yesterday I had to call US for some banking information. The phone numbers are available on the internet, and since calling from our internet provider Free is free to US, I didn't hesitate to call.

And the feeling came back. Good customer services, people are actually there to listen to the phone and answer your questions, and the service is free.

I had never called any service phone in France simply bcos it costs money. My friend used to call her internet provider and after spending money paying for many phonecalls, her problem was not solved.


  1. One of the great things of living in the capitalist country :):), ha ha ha .

  2. In fact, when I came here,I was amazed at all the 1-800... free services here. All companies carry 1-800...
    I was amazed also most companies have 24hrs service phone line.
    I think that is why the late Chinese premier 'Theng Siaw Ping' knew the secret of capitalism and turn its back from communism.
    Socialism and communism is a great idea but it will never work in this world cos all of us are selfish. Take care of ourselves first than others.
    Would you feed your neighors kids when your own kids are not eating enough ?

    Hope u get your banking issue resolved.

  3. Jamy,

    Is Australia a socialist or capitalist country?

  4. I would say capitalist leaning towards socialists.

  5. BE,

    I have only know communist and capitalist when I was young.
    When I was young, I used to think Australia is a very good country with lots of benefits. I was very 'tiencheng' then. I thought wow, when u are old, u have so much benefit, no work also got benefit.
    Then when I started working in Aust, my god, everymonth when I saw the amt of $ that went into tax and medical benefit. I was pinched.
    Only when I married an American and move here, read a lot of books about what is free market and economics etc. I realized 'wow' !!!

    If you really want to know the difference of people who is capitalist and non-capitalist, you see the difference between the 2 founders of the 2 Malaysian social network sites. You will know the difference. A true capitalist believe in free market, they believe that it is healthy to have competition. A socialist belief in control,(government or individual).

    Control that there are only to be 1 social network site, no one is to create any social network site to compete with them. A free market believer believe otherwise.

    Even the capitalist promise you that the system will support you but in the end you are the one that has to support the system. Asking $ but a capitalist know how to generate $ and eventually the system runs itself with the $ generated.

    I am a true blue capitalist and glorify in it !!!

  6. Typo :"Even the capitalist promise"

    I mean socialist

  7. Jamy,

    The thing is more of the French don't want to leave their country bcos they believe they have the best benefits. They have no regret to pay taxes as those money out will pay for their medical care and retirement. So, I think people from capitalist country will support the capitalism, and people from socialist country will support the socialism.

    I myself don't like to pay taxes as I think I can take good care of myself. But there are a lot of people who don't know how to save money for their rain days, so they prefer to have the government take care of them. At least everyone is doing that so they won't feel the need to do otherwise.

    The French market starts open up as their telecommunication monopoli has been knocked down, and it creates companies who provide very competitives rates and services to people. Better deal than when I was in US. hehe.

  8. BE,

    I wrote a long comment for you on chl but decided to delete off (abt cap vs soc), sensitive issues lah.

    Though overall A. is cap. country but there are a lot of socialists thinking people in A., a lot of people depend heavily on government jobs, depend on government support etc..., capitalists are minority now.

    I think free market is the way to growth for country and individual. For eg. in France for a foreigner like you, how many yrs you have to take to get on to yr own feet (ie financially able ) ?

    1st u have to go learn French, then go to various classes to understand their system, culture. By the time u finish all these, abt 2-3 yrs ? Then that does not guarantee u can get a job there ? Jobs market is not that strong there, then u have to compete with the locals , your age , your experience in France etc...

    Say a foreigner comes to the US, if he/she has a degree from another country. Initially the degree might be useless in states, but he/she can go to a tech school to get a skill kind of job (18mths is all it takes if that person knows a bit of English , of course). If that person is biz minded, he/she can use his/her day job salary to funds a biz or investment. A totally non-degree person will be able to turn into a degree person in say 4yrs to get a minimum of US$50k per yr. Ask my friend Jess, she can share with u.

    It only takes a couple of week to get a LLC (limited liability licencse) in states but how many long months would u get that kind of licnese in Europe ?

    I think any immigrant would go to 'shore' faster in US than Europe.

    Not to discourage you. Your situation is not one that you chose. Choice by love is the most brutal one !

    Have you think of alternative like making a living out of our Asian food ?

  9. I said the same thing to my professor about that US accepts more the new immigrant, and her answer was that US is an immigrant country while France is not.

    There are too many Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants here, eventhough they are not good and have bad reputation in terms of the cleanliness.

  10. What a dumb answer, tell the teacher ! "I said the same thing to my professor about that US accepts more the new immigrant, and her answer was that US is an immigrant country while France is not."

    Hmmm..., wonder if they are as bad as the dog pooo... in the streets :):)-. "There are too many Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants here, eventhough they are not good and have bad reputation in terms of the cleanliness."

    If there is jobs and opportunities for Vietnamese and Chinese immigrants, do u think they still want to open the dirty restaurant. I bet they would prefer to be a CPA, Engineers, architects and CEO if they are given the same opp. as the France. I thought France practice equality and strong in human rights , no ?

    SAD !!!!!

  11. Jamy,

    US practises an open door policy for the legal immigrant, while France tries to close the door due to the abuse of the social system from the illegal immigrants. It is understandable, as the immigrants caused a lot of trouble, and come here to enjoy the social benefits. Some of them try to make baby as much as possible so that each month they receive government helps, and they do not work. It becomes a huge social burden, the French sees burden, not contribution from these immigrants.

    Also, like you said, if you can not feed your own kids, how can you feed others? The French has not enough job for themselves, of course they will take their own people first.

    I think they are too human in this country. For the illegal immigrants, they do the demonstration from time to time to ask for legalisation for all of them. Once they are legalised they can enjoy many benefits before they even start looking for job. For the immigrants from poorer countries, here is heaven as they do not have to work but will get benefits. Children from illegal immigrants go to school and said this is their right? What right do you have if you are illegal? But in France you do. They should close their door for illegal immigrants and treat the legal one nicely. :-)