Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cute rabbit

This rabbit is a pet of my friend. I have never seen such a cute rabbit until I came to France. Well, French people, they eat rabbit too, but not this one certainly. :-)

In French, "mon lapin (my rabbit/bunny)" is a term of endearment, use between couple or between family members.


  1. It has long fur that makes it cute and nice like a soft toy for cuddling!

  2. Anonymous11:13 PM

    You are right! That certainly is one cute rabbit!

  3. Wow, I have never seen rabbits with 2 color. Looks more like a dog than rabbits :).
    BE, thanks for sharing the pictures.

  4. poor rabbit,don't eat her:( everybody said rabbit meat taste better than chicken but I never try once..

  5. Anonymous8:38 PM

    i oso don wan to try rabbit's meat. :| cute creatures. not good to eat cute creatures. haha

  6. So cute and adorable! Never seen one like it in New Zealand yet. I will never eat rabbit meat if I know. There are times when you get served with meat unknown to you though!

  7. Anonymous10:41 AM

    ooh ... that rabbit is really cute. I love his or her fringe :) I think my little girl would grab it and cuddle it all night. As it is, she tried to grab and cuddle my PIL's black cat who always run away whenever he sees her coming and she would chase after him screeching with joy thinking the cat is playing with her. You can imagine the whole scenario. :D

    Rabbits for the table are specially raised for that and they are huge. My MIL cooks a delicious pot of rabbit stew. :) I have to post it on my blog one day. My significant other will not eat it at all because any rabbit reminds him of his pet rabbit he had when he was little. Strangely little one doesn't like to eat it too. hehehe

  8. cooking ninja,

    I had only ate once and I didn't really like it. I think psychologically I couldn't accept eating a pet.