Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A prosperious year ahead

Happy New Year everyone, may 2008 be a prosperous year with bright future.

Highlight for 2007
- Feb wedding and Chinese New Year celebration in Malaysia: I had a good time helping my French guests discovering Malaysia especially the delicious foods
- June bought our apartment
- Aug my family came visit France: Stressed out for the whole trip planning but it all worst out well
- Sept my French wedding: Finally it was the last one
- Sept starts my Master degree: I'm so lucky to get known to many wonderful classmates including the genuine French

Looking ahead of 2008
- Find a job
This year I will make France my new home. It's not a game anymore. It's for real, I have to treat France as my country, where my future lies. It could sound scary, but already I like the evolution the country is making: Not more smoking in public places and areas include restaurants, bars, nightclubs and cafes!

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  1. Happy New Year!!!

    All the best for 2008....may ur wishes comes true on what u plan to do.