Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My home remedy for gastric

I have always have gastric problem. If I don't eat lunch and just wait until dinner, most likely I will have gastric during the night.

Today, I had to leave the class earlier as I was having discomfort in my stomach and a sensation of vomit, a typical syndrome of gastric. I got home and laid down, and quickly got myself one of these preserved prune.

After a while the stomach discomfort went away. It was very effective. However, my husband hates the smell, and I think non Asian don't appreciate it. I once offered it to my Brazilian friend who had gastric problem, and she always vomit out of it. When we were in Redang Island, the preserved prune drinks were offered to us (including the French visitors), and I think non of them finished it. They said it tasted awful, but my husband admitted that it was effective in putting the stomach back to normal after a boat trip.


  1. hi..wahh u hv so many blogs..how is nantes? i am thinking of pursuing masters' in nantes...but nid to find scholarship la. hehe.

    my remedy for gastric pain is probably nutmeg...i read it sumwhere...

  2. Anonymous3:50 AM


    I don't know 'sinboi' help in gastric pain , I would thought otherwise cos it is very acidic in nature.

    Good that you find something that works for you.

    Since I am in the medical line, the way I threat gastric ulcer (or pain) is to protect the lining of your stomach from further acids destruction.

    The most 2 common meds are :
    H2-receptor antagonists.
    Proton pump inhibitors.

    In the US, the 2 common brand name for H2-receptor antagonists are zantac and pepcid. That will stop your gastric ulcer faster than a wink of the eyes.

    For proton pump inhibitors, they are Prevacid and Prilosec.

    Both work wonder with gastric pain.


  3. Anonymous9:44 AM

    I never heard that asam boi can cure gastric hor..

  4. h.c.tan,
    It has been raining everyday in Nantes. If you come to Nantes remember to contact me. :-)

    Well, I went to read more about preserved prune and appearantly it is more salty than acid. Thanks for the info on the medicines.

    It works for me so far, but not sure for others. :-)

  5. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Bee Ean,

    I used to love somboi too, but it won't work for gastric problems with me. It makes it worse. But if you feel queasy, somboi is good.

    I have been prescribed prevacid for gastric problems but it is a long term solution. I thought I got better but it seems my problem is back.

    Mexicans like the somboi here, but not the ang moh. So I can imagine the french not liking it either!

  6. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Just a thought

    Ginger works quite well especially for nausea.. I always carry ginger sweets with me.

    Take care!