Monday, February 04, 2008

The display models are telling their story...

From 1-10 February downtown where I live is having a "display models telling story" event. A total of 17 shops participated in the program, where their display windows tell stories which change everyday. We have been followed for two days of these stories and I found them well done and the concept was interesting too.

This is my favorite. Look how cute they made the dog! The dog changes costume everyday.

Can you tell what they are doing? The woman is measuring the temperature of the butt and the man is watering the butt! Each day the butt grow bigger and expose more for us to see.

This display model has no luck as she got shot and died.

The event manages to attract lots of people.

If you are interested to follow the stories, this blog has a day to day photos update.


  1. Hello,

    An early greeting of CNY.

    May the year of the Rat brings you all the good things you wish and hope for.

    A very Happy Chinese New Year to you and your love ones.

  2. Thanks nightwing, Gong Xi Fa Chai to you! Yeah I need a lot of blessing this year.

  3. Hi Bee Ean

    A quick note to wish you and your family a Very Happy Chinese New Year.

    May this year bring you lots of love, joy, health and prosperity.

  4. The doggy looks so cute and funny... haha :P Anyway, may 2008 Year of Brown Earth Rat brings you lots of Good Health, Happiness and Prosperity! Gong Xi Fa Cai!