Monday, February 25, 2008

They can criticize their president, openly

Yes, the French have this right. They can say anything about their president.

These days there are a series of debate on TV about the French president Mr Sarkozy. One of his ministers defend him and the other politicians criticize him. Some times are devoted to the audiences to publicly talk about their opinions about their president. In the previous episode some home audience called in to participate too.

Among the issues they debated about:
- Mr Sarkozy went for holiday with his rich friend's private jet right after he won the presidency
- He increased his salary by 200%
- He used the informal term to address to the fisherman who was on strike
- The economy is not performed as well as he promised
- He still hasn't solved the housing crisis
...and many more
A bit surprisingly was that they didn't touch the topic about he got married for the third time and with a model again. I guess this is acceptable in France.

What I like about this kind of forum/debate is that they managed to gather some important politicians and ministers (big fishes instead of small one), and have them talked about various issues. It is a tough job, these ministers have to justify their policies and actions. If they are not good, they can be kicked out from the cabinet in the next election.

I think in US they have the same kind of forum or debate. Once I was in a party, and some students blew up a George Bush balloon and then continuously hitting his head. While I admire the freedom of doing it, I do not approve of this kind of action. I certainly could not imagine myself hitting the balloon of my prime minister.

So, when are we going to see this kind of program in Malaysia? Who would you like to see on the forum and get questioned by the citizens? Personally I would love to see Samy Vallu debates about his "contributions" to the work ministry; the PAS leaders talking about how guys and girls should have different queue in the checkout station ...


  1. Helo,

    Some time it is good to be able to debate. Or say things abt politicians.

    But sometimes people might go over board and that is not a good thing.

    "Treat people the way we want people to treat us."

  2. Anonymous10:20 AM

    In malaysia we cant !
    Election will come soon.. Let's see la

  3. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Increased his own salary x 200? o_o very smart. why didnt he increase by x500 since he wont be able to become president again. :P