Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some Malaysian Touch

I'm so happy that the local Asian store imported some frozen roti canai from Malaysia. All these times we were eating those from Singapore, and I was wondering why a Singaporean company beats us on our national dish. After trying, hubby said he likes the Malaysian one better. Me, of course I support Malaysian product!

I was in Paris last week and managed to visit the Chinatown. My friend brought me to this shop who sells all kind of exotic fruits including durian, mangosteen, jambu, persimmon, rambutan.... at a very reasonable price. It was a jubilant moment to see durian again. Those in the Asian shop are usually frozen and the smell was not strong anymore. Yes for durian, I ask for the smelly one. :-)


  1. So did you actually bought the durian? or you might have stunk the train! the roti canai looks so nice! unfortunately i didn't find it in nantes, lorient or the asian supermarket in angers. I believe it's only available in Paris? Btw, I ate some of them on 7th Feb in a party at school. Someone from Kenya prepared the roti canai. Now I wonder where roti canai really comes from?

  2. Li Ping,

    I was on the way to an interview and I dared not bring a durian with me! If I did that, the interviewer would probably kick me out instantly. :-)

    For the roti canai, I found them in the Asian shop in Nantes, the one close to Route de Vannes in parallel to the tramway. Here is the address:
    Asian Caraibes
    16 Route de Vannes
    44800 St Herblain

    I think a lot of countries have something like roti canai as their cuisine. However, the fact that the Malaysians put onion, egg, banana.. in their roti canai has differentiated it from others.

  3. Anonymous5:12 AM

    The taste is different or same one.. hahaha

    happy valentine's day to you

  4. Anonymous5:23 PM

    You mean the asian stores in Nantes are selling Roti prata now???? Geesh, now that I moved away, they sell a lot more things than when I lived there 6 years ago. :( So unfair.