Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our Chinese New Year gathering

Hubby and friends organized a party to celebrate Chinese New Year with me. These friends were in Malaysia last year celebrating Chinese New Year plus attending our wedding. It is just amazing how times fly and it has been one year that we did all the memorable trips and parties in Malaysia!

They decided to prepare some Asian dishes: sushi, nasi goreng (fried rice) and Thai soup. I think they did an excellent job especially in preparing the sushi.


  1. 哇噻,好像少了咖哩鸡,肉骨茶,猪肚汤,白斩鸡,骨卢肉,罗汉斋,七彩鱼生.......

    Sorry, make you so damn craving for Malaysian hokkien dishes.

    Wish you and Fabien, happy CNY, 共喜发财,吉祥如意,事事顺利,还有早生贵子. Hopefully to see you in the coming time.

  2. Great feast there BE... Should drink sake and eat sushi, but I guess wine should be fine too... Where is the nasi goreng? :)

  3. Anonymous9:46 AM

    din do any lou sang? :D

    happy chinese new year by the way

  4. wah..CNY dinner got so much sushi!!..looks very pretty.. but somehow with nasi goreng, it sounds funny..

  5. Cat Cat,

    I didn't take the photo for Nasi Goreng. :-)

    Well, the French wanted to do something Asian. Sushi and nasi goreng are Asian dishes so it worked for them. :-)

  6. Wow...nice foods...:)