Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Malaysian French meal

Everyone is talking about recession and inflation. The French are seeing their purchasing power deteriorates. Here is just a simple mixed meal we had and the cost associated so that you can have a macro idea on how much things cost here.

Hubby always starts his meal with some bread. This piece of bread is spread with some "rillette" (minced pork): 50 cent

St Pierre Fish: 10 euros

Steam fish tofu with curry sauce: add 1 euro

A slide of goat cheese: 50 cent

Dessert: I have to admit that I'm very lazy person in terms of dessert. I seldom bake, so our dessert is usually fruit. 2 apples: 80 cent

Total cost:12.80 euros for 2 people.

The fish was expensive so this is considered a quite well off meal for us.

So do you think it is expensive?


  1. Is that home cook meal ? or restaurant for $12.80 (which is about US$20) ?

    If it is home cook, that is very very expensive.

    I can get the ingredient in the US for this price :

    1 piece of bread + some meat (50cent)
    Fish = $2-$3
    Tofu = 89cents
    Cheese + onion = $2.50
    Total approximately = $6.89

    But, BE, don't compare lah. Make the best out of the situation.

    I told my gf that she got tipu by the hospital cos the other hospital is giving a lot more benefit and more pay. She was really geram but then she think about it and say never mind lah, work till I finish paying my bond with them, and we both smiled :).


  2. Jamy,

    We bought the fish fresh from the market. It was actually quite big. $2-$3 for a fish like that? I don't think that I can get it even 5 years ago in Austin.

  3. I live in Florida, remember ? In fact, my neighbor gave me free groupers all years round whenever he goes fishing in the gulf coast every weekend.

    The wet market here sells lot of fish at .99 a lb. The angmo does not really how to eat the whole fish, they are use to fillet, even my hubby does not eat fish with head/tail, only fillet.

    Sometimes $2-3 can get 2 fish even. Yes, we have lots of seafood here, very cheap. The Chinese shops here sell fresh fish every Thursday (the white pomplets the Chinese like ?, it is like $3.50 for a big one and the black one about $2.50 a big one).

    In fact, I find food here very cheap compare to Malaysia, ie. if you cook at home. When I first came here, I managed to spend $20 for a week grocery bill, and that include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Now, I spent a lot more because I don't have a lot of times to cook and we eat out a lot. But, I could not wait when I finish, there are so many kind of food to cook and they are cheap.

    My son piano teacher husband showed me how he froze the summer crops and use them for the rest of the year. He bought vegs such as corns, black eyes peas, spinach, squash,carrots and tomatto. He taught me how to unshield the corn, boil slightly , put on butter and froze and bag it into frozen corns; and other vegs. I might to the corns and black eyes peas and squash.

    These farmers set up the stores along the state road in the country. It is very cheap compare to big retails. His yearly expense on all his vegetable is like $50 (2 of them). He has a big freezer where he keeps his frozen bagged and bottled veg/pickles.

    And my friend Rachael teach me how to make pizza crust and froze it. I cook my pizza using Chinese ingredients, they are different but very nice.

    Cooking is creative and funs and I love to cook and eat :). You see the result , right ? :):).

    That is why I like America so much, cheap living and lots of making $ opportunity :):).

    Jamy the frugal.

  4. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Interesting topic.

    Out of curiosity, how much is your grocery bill for you and your husband per week?

    Don't think I've cooked as much before as I have in France!!