Tuesday, February 19, 2008

She is gone

Saw the news from Siuhan's blog.
I feel so sad, she was such a nice artist. She creates happiness and laugh wherever she is.

These days a lot of my childhood Hong Kong artists are gone, including Leslie Chung and Anita Mui. Somehow I feel that the newer generation of artists could not provide the charisma and quality of performance as excellent as their precedent.


  1. Yes it seems like the old era is ending. So sad.

  2. yea, old era is ending. everything must come to an end. the newer generation? ahhaha. they only know how to create gossips, rumors and videos.

  3. Yeah, I love to watch her movie and show last time.. She brought a lot of laughter to us

  4. Ah, surely will missed her alot... She was a great actress... RIP.