Monday, February 18, 2008

French roti canai (crêpe)

While in Malaysia, the French loved our roti canai. Some of them felt that it tasted like their crêpe, a famous regional dish from the west of France.

First step: Make the skin

Second step: Put the ingredients you like on the skin

You can have variety of ingredients

My dessert, chocolate and banana crêpe. Doesn't it somehow look like Roti Canai?

Since crêpe is done within minutes, usually we have one person preparing and the others eating.


  1. i had a few while in paris... not exactly very nice though... i think the one i had in london was better... :)

  2. Zewt,

    You can try out crêpe in the Brittany region where it comes from.

    It is funny to hear that you have a better French dish in UK, don't tell the French this. :-)