Monday, May 23, 2011

Embarrased by Dujardin

At work.

A project was at its final stage so I sent a closure email to the team members involved.

I got a reply from someone:
"Donc ils ont décidé de garder Dujardin?" (So they have decided to keep Dujardin?)

What the hell, I was scratching my head so hard trying to figure out what he meant, there was no Dujardin in our team.

Since my superior was just next to me, I told him we got a question but I don't know what it meant.

He looked at the mail, telling me that he had no idea, then he pointed to the email title: OS117 (the project name).

"Oh it is a joke!" He giggled. "He is talking about OSS117". Noticing my blank look, he explained: "Dujardin was playing in the film OSS117".

Such a coincidence, the film OSS117 has almost the same name as our project OS117. As a foreigner, I couldn't get the joke because I have not seen that film and didn't know who is Dujardin.

"You do know him, he played in "Un gar et une fille", hubby told me later.

Oh that guy, I like his act in "Un gar et une fille", and he just won the Best Actor award in the Cannes Festival.

Ok, Dujardin, I know you now, you happy? :-)

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  1. You should see this film, it's so politically incorrect and hilarious. It's the only French DVD I brought back after four years abroad.