Saturday, May 28, 2011

An incident in a grocery shop

I was shopping for my grocery and I saw this woman selling roasted pork and potatoes. She repeats her line every minute or so to promote her products but no one actually stopping. Since I haven't had lunch, I decided to just buy something from her.

She showed me a piece of pork, I asked her to cut it into smaller piece and she was kind of unhappy about it. She cut it anyway and proceeded to weight it. But then, she mumbled something to herself, quickly added the piece that was cut of, re-weight, packed and handed it to me.

I was surprised and not happy with her attitude. She didn't ask my permission and just decided to add the portion that I didn't want. It costed nothing much but still, shouldn't she just sell me what I was asking for?

I didn't say anything (I was speechless), and just decided that I won't buy from her anymore. Now I'm stuck with pork that would need 4 meals to finish. :-( Hubby said he would just refuse it, I think I need to get tougher with these kind of merchants.

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