Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Found a replacement babysitter

Aelig's babysitter will go for training for a total of 10 days, sometimes between May and Sept. She told us about it when we signed the contract and she reminded us two months ago.

We finally received a letter from the Town Hall stating the dates and several options we have while she is gone on training. We called the person in charge to help us find a replacement but she was either too busy or was away on vacation. We left several messages but she never called back. We were desperate as we have no other solution. I was already planning on taking 4 days off in May to take care of Aelig as hubby has no more leave left until end of May.

Miraculously, the person in charge contacted us the Friday before the sitter would be on training (the Monday after). She found us a replacement, someone living just two blocks away from our apartment. While picking up Aelig on that Friday evening, we learnt that we got call from the person in charge because our sitter was nagging her continuously. Our sitter just couldn't stand leaving us in a desperate situation so she took action instead. What a nice person!

We visited the replacement sitter and Aelig was playing happily in her apartment with another kid. The first two days with her went very well, Aelig had no problem adapting to a new environment, thanks Buddha!

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