Sunday, May 29, 2011

Giants invaded Nantes

During the weekend the Royal de luxe, a French mechanical marionette street performing art company was having a performance in Nantes. Two giants plus a dog were wandering around downtown Nantes and attracted thousands of audiences.

This wall picture shows the giant little Indian girl and her dog in Mexico.

It was so crowded that I couldn't get a close snap of them. They traveled from Mexico to Nantes in a huge container and arrived by boat. We didn't know where the show would start and everyone was guessing where should be the good spot to watch them. I snapped some photos and my battery run out before the Mexican giant showed up.

This afternoon I brought Aelig to the playground and it was empty! While walking back I saw a group of kids so I asked them why there was nobody in the playground. They told me: "They all went to see the giants!"

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