Monday, May 23, 2011

Saturday morning bread hunt 3

A: Ladies and gentlemen, do you see the red painting on the wall over there? This is the bakery we go every Saturday morning for the bread hunt episodes.

A: Daddy, we are home with the bread. I propose a trip to the zoo this afternoon to reward my hardwork.
F: Ok dear. Now hand me my share of the chocolate bread.
A: Here you go.

F: But why is my part so tiny?
A: Because I'm a big girl now and I need to eat more in order to grow strong.
F: But that's unfair! Your mother brought you to the bakery to buy bread for ME!

A: Stop complaining and eat your bread. One two three, times up, there are mine now.

A: Tiny one for papa, big one for myself.

The winner of the day: Aelig who ate 99% of the bread and earned a trip to the zoo.


  1. Hahaha, This is so cute.

  2. Gosh, she is so hard at bargaining.
    I think daddy is done for.

  3. so cute!! She is one cutie pie..