Sunday, May 08, 2011

Saturday morning bread hunt 2

It is saturday bread hunt time.

Aelig has mastered the skill to climb up and down the stairs now.

Arrived home with a pain au chocolat.
Aelig: Papa, the angel has arrived with a pain au chocolat. Do you want it?
Papa: Of course my dear.

Aelig: You know I climbed many stairs and walked many steps to get the bread, I think it is reasonable to charge you 10% of interest and a trip to the playground. Deal?
Papa: Deal my dear.

Papa: Here your share.

Aelig: Man, I think I undersold this. Papa didn't even lift a figure, why does he deserve a big part of it?

Aelig: I changed my mind. I need to charge 30% now.
Papa: Ok ok.

Aelig: Hmmmm, the bread is so good!

Aelig: Papa, I finished mine, give me more.
Papa: But I have finished mine as well.

Aelig: Hmmmm, there are some breadcumb left in the bag, yummy...

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