Friday, September 22, 2006

200k train tickets sold at 5 euros

Yesterday, the train company SNCF sold 200,000 one way tickets at 5 euros, to celebrate it's 25th anniversary. The crowd formed a huge line before the counter was opened. Destinations included Paris to London, Marsailles and other big city, or from city to city. Passengers can also buy it online, but the tickets were sold out after 45 minutes.

5 euros is really really cheap. From Nantes to Paris, it will cost 50 euros for refundable price. Imagine two people going to Paris passing a weekend, transport cost itself is already 200 euros. I was required to go to the Embassy to register our marriage, but it just seems to be too expensive to do that.


  1. I only heard about this on the news today, and was SO disappointed that I missed out on it. I've been dying to go see a friend in Paris for months now, but can't afford the 60€ round trip, plus whatever we'll spend on food, shopping, etc!

  2. cheap stuff go quick. Gosh the TGV here really cost an arm and a leg.