Monday, September 18, 2006

Free French Class

I went to take an evaluation test today in Capformation. From this week on I will take 8 hours French, paid by the government. Capformation is aimed at people who need to re-learn skills to enter the job market. It offers English and mathematic classes as well.

Thinking about it, I miss the time going to University, learning French with classmates, then go lunch together. In Capformation, it's more self disipline: you decide what you want to learn, and a professor is there to help.

Yesterday night, as usual lazy cooking day, so went to a restaurant. Bad. Sunday is not our day, we always got disappointed by the restaurant we chosed.

We talked about that we have the right wings will win the next election, so that they will reform the economy, and allow people to do business on Sunday. Coming from Malaysia and US, I miss those 24 hours operating shops and restaurants. It's just supply and demand, simple economic theory.

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