Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Last week the gîte where we are having our wedding reception in France told us that they can't make it on 1 September. What! Appearantly that there is a bicycle race going on every year end of August. In 2007 it will be from 31 Aug to 2 Sept and all the roads around will be closed for this event.

This sucks big time! Well, just for my family. My sister and my sister in law may not be able to make the trip to France. Gosh!

Initial plan was for my family to come over from 18 Aug to 2 Sept. 18 Aug starts the school holiday for my nephews who will come with their mothers. The holiday ends 26 Aug, so they will have to skip class for a week, minus 31 Aug public holiday. So 4 days absent from class for primary school kids are acceptable.

Now, after negotiating, the gîte agreed to postponed to 8 Sept, which means if my sisters come with the kids, they will force their kids to skip school for 2 weeks, not acceptable even for me! Since my mother and aunt are coming, there are nobody handle to take care of their children, so that means they can't make it.

Sad! The French won't change the gîte because they got good deal. Besides, who will care if two Malaysians do show up for a wedding?

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