Friday, September 22, 2006

Semaine de la mobilité 2006

This week is the week of mobilisation, where you are encouraged to use public transports or other mean of transport to move around, instead of your own car. This is the week where global warning is reminded, and people should contribute to less air pollution.

Nantes has efficient public transportation, so it's really easy for people to move around in the city. You can also rent a bicycle for half day, for only a euro. The city of Nantes is promoting the benefit of using bicycle to work, most of the roads now has bicycle line. No matter what, I still feel it's very dangerous to move around city with a bicycle. I would prefer to use it when I'm in a village, to enjoy the fresh air and the natural surrounding.

I still remember the time when everybody in Malaysia was using bicycle. Now having a car is a sign of "improvement" in terms of financial. Besides, you can travel longer distance.

When a country is developed, they always need to sacrifice the environment.

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