Sunday, September 24, 2006

la crémaillère - House Warming Party

This weekend we went to Saint-Nazaire to attend a friend's house warming party.

Saint-Nazaire is about 40 minutes from Nantes, first port of France on the Atlantic side. It's major industries including ship building (RMS Queen Mary 2, was built here) and aircraft (Air Bus).

This couple rented a house, which has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. I found the bathrooms upstair to be very cute, because it's carpeted and quite large, so you can actually make it a room (some of the guests slept there). Renting a house is usually expensive especially it locates not far from the town center, so I guess they must be paying quite a high rent.

Anyway, our host brought us to sightsee at La Baule, said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, after the beaches in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. This friend works around this area, so he's pretty familiar with this area. He told us that during summer, it's so crowded that you don't see space between people on the beach. Scary hah!

As usual, during the night the guys drank like hell, and only go to sleep around 4am. I couldn't sleep before that because they were singing and yelling. Managed to finish Harlan Coben's "Deal Breaker" though. One incident happened, and I decided that I have have enough of this kind of "drink to get drunk" party. I told my boyfriend that I should not participate anymore because I'm always the weird one who doesn't like to drink and go sleep early and can no longer stand all their stupid childish drunk behavior. He agreed. Good, I have suffered from this kind of party for over a year now, should be considered tolerate enough, eh?

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