Tuesday, September 26, 2006

French comedy: Samantha Oups

I seldom watch French TV program but this one I usually don't want to miss because it's so funny and hilarious! It's shown on 7.50pm from Mon to Fri, only 10 minutes before the 8pm news start.

Basically is about two guys who play as a blond and a brune. They are best friend to each other. The blond is called Samantha, and the brune is called Chantal.

On one of the episod, Samantha was in the kitchen, and she saw the microwave's time moving and bipping. She thought it was a bomb, and hesitated so much for the next move. At around 8 seconds left, she decided to pull the microwave from the plug and throw it towards the window. She passedby Chantal and bumped into her. Chantal asked why she threw away her microwave. Samantha replied that one day Chantal will thanks her for shaving Chantal's life. As usual, Chantal showed her "don't know what to do with her"expression.

You can find the extract of some of the episods here:


  1. Oh no, that show haunted me all last year! Every time I'd arrive at the school, I'd have a hundred small children yell "Sa-MAN-tha" and then roll around laughing. And my being blonde didn't really help either....

  2. Sorry to hear that, but on the bright side you will be remembered by kids haha.

    Seriously, do you watch this program?

  3. No, I don't, I'm more of a "Kaamelott" kinda gal.

  4. Anonymous12:20 PM

    He/she can be really funny OR really annoying. I like Un gars Une Fille.

  5. Un gars Une Fille too but it seems that they have no longer showing in on TV.