Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Good News Bad News Good News Bad News

I went to several job agencies to look for job opportunity. There's good response but there's bad response. At one point I was desperated. I have done everything I know to look for a job, but it seems that it's hopeless to even land a factory job.

I first went to Man Powers, and the woman told me that it's difficult, bcos of my level of French, and bcos I haven't been working in my field for a long time. It was very discouraging, as my working experience in US and Malaysia looked completely useless for her, and speaking English and Mandarin don't help either.

At home, I got called from a finance agency, and she is trying to match me to a company. On the same day, an agent called for some interpret job. So my hope raised again.

Then I went to Kelly Services, she sent me away bcos that office is specializing in manuel jobs that need diplomas and experiences.

On the way to Adecco, I met a man who is also looking for a job. He is French, but been living in French Polynesia. He is 50 years old, and just come back to Nantes to visit family. He wanted some temporarily job, and have been registered with 28 job agencies. After half year, he still couldn't find any job.

His experience is such a huge shock to me. If a French couldn't find a job, what is the chance for me? I arrived in Adecco, and the agent is very nice, and reviewed my CV. She commented again that the fact I don't speak good French and I haven't been working since some times ago, it's going to be difficult. The only potential job she foresee is to sort stocks in grocery store, which need to start at 5am, or some seasoning job.

The finance agency hasn't been calling, and the interpret job is pretty much gone as the conference is supposed to be in this week.

At that point, I felt so helpless. This Adecco agency is supposed to match job to the production industry and the least diploma and experience need kind of job. If this agency says difficult, then it's really difficult.

So, my MBA from US worth nothing, my skill of speaking multiple languages also worth little. There were a lot of young people standing outside this Adecco, and I presume they are unemployed. I truly symphatise with them, as even the lowest jobs have so much competition, their future is surely in question. At least I have my home country to turn to at the worst case, but what could these French young kids going to do? Moving to other country?

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