Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Goodman's bridge

Several weeks ago we went to visit the Goodman's bridge (Pont du Bonhomme).

It's a bridge consists of two big walls facing each other. At the peak of the walls stand a man and a woman who look at each other. It was pretty interesting but sad at the same time. It reminds me of Chinese Valentine's day that has a legend about a girl and a guy who are in love but can only see each other once a year (the 7th day of July in the lunar calendar) through a bridge form by birds.

We walked along the river and it's the season of chestnut again. It has a lot in the forest along the river. It's amazing sometimes that in France, there are so many things to see in an area. I have been to Lorient so many times but still I haven't visited every places worth visiting.


  1. Hah Bee Ean..you are pretty romantic to be able to associate a French bridge with the 7-7 Niu Lang story :-)

  2. casper, it's coincident that both relate to a bridge and a woman and a man. If we say French are romantic, the Chinese are not bad too. haha