Wednesday, October 04, 2006

To bus drivers: Do you know where is...

I needed to go to Assedic today. Usually it's pretty easy to go around Nantes because every bus station has a map with indication of which bus or tram to take to go to certain place.

So, I have the address, looked at the map and I have some idea how to go. But when I got out from the tram, going to take a connecting bus to the destination, two bus company men (they are the one that check whether you have a ticket or not in the bus) asked whether I need help. I showed them the address, and they told me that just wait in this station and the bus will come in 3 minutes.

When the bus came, I climbed up and asked the driver whether he has idea how to go to Avenue de Lions. He told me to take instead another bus that go to the different direction! He looked so sure so I went back to check the map. He told me to take bus 73 but this bus go to an opposite direction! Then I realised that the advise the two men gave me earlier was wrong as well.

I hesitated for a while, and decided to believe myself. This Assedic was located deep inside an industrial place in which no buses passby. Anyone, I found it eventually.

Gosh, these men have no idea that they gave me false information. I'm glad that I trusted myself.

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