Sunday, October 15, 2006


So, we went to the Canal Nantes-Brest. Me to bike and my boyfriend to run. We had an appointment with bf's friends from Rennes at 10am. We arrived at 10am and waited while I tried out my new bike. At 10.15am we started to feel uneasy, as these friends are usually puncture. At 10.30am, I had made several rounds around but still couldn't see our friends. My bf insisted that both parties knew exactly where they should meet and there is no way the friends will go somewhere else. At 10.45am he decided to go back to Nantes.

When we drove towards Nantes autoway, we saw our friends' car. There were not inside the car. We drove around but couldn't spot them. Ended up we go back to Nantes, and my bf was running for 3 hours in the park nearby our apartment.

His friends have no cellphone so they called us when they got back to Rennes. They explained that they parked exactly where we agreed.

Funny, ended up both guys have missunderstood each other about the meeting point. What a waste! They were supposed to run 5 hours today and I was supposed to bike around with them.

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