Sunday, October 08, 2006

The party

The lantern festival party turned out to be very nice. We did steamboat. People seemed to prefer the grill though.

In the morning I went to the market to buy fresh fish while my boyfriend went to the supermarket for grocery. I was very mad at myself bcos I paid 72 euros for 4kgs of fishes. I was just dumped enough to not look at the price and just accept whatever the guy charged me. I will never buy anything without first looking at the price anymore. I thought the price will be the same, as we bought it last time and it wasn't expensive and everybody loved it.

Anyway, the parents arrived for lunch. We went to walk for a while before coming back to prepare for the steamboat. The guys were decorating the balcony with some paper lanterns I got from Malaysia (very touching bcos the father and son worked together for a festival they have never celebrated in their life), while the women worked in the kitchen.

By 8pm we started the appetizers. As the guests arrived, we started the dinner. We were so full that we decided to talk a "moon" walk. Everybody was holding a paper lantern while we were walking around the garden close to our apartment. It was very fun, the moon was full and bright. We were afraid that someone will call the police saying a new religion secs are doing some activities on the road! haha!

We continued the meal with some desserts. My friend made a birthday cake for my boyfriend (we were celebrating his birthday at the same time), I did a mango crumble, a friend brought some mooncake then we have ice cream. My boyfriend got to hear birthday song in different languages: English, French, Mandarin, Spanish and a birthday song from Mexico.

After the dinner, we played a game called "Wildwolf". It's interesting to see his family and my friends all played together. The parents went to sleep around 1am, and the rest left around 2.30am.


  1. Oh, that sounds really cool, and I love the photo!

  2. 很惊讶,也很欣喜,我真的没有想到是你!



    p/s: 我已经有2个公子了。现在他们是我的老板。

  3. Very nice, Bee Ean