Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Why do they hate American

Today in our French class we discussed about whether France should legalise the consumption of marijuana. One of the Colombia started to get very emotional and said that he wishes that his country would legalise the drug trading, so that they can send all the drugs to USA and let the American get drown of the drugs.

He then explained why he hates US. Apparently that US has a very big political power in south American, that the businessmen from US would give pressure to the politicians in Colombia, to force the local enterprises to accept whatever trading conditions the American want. Basically it's big brother bullying his young brother because this young brother depends too much on the big brother.

Anyway, I was surprised to learn this information, but in the world of capitalism, it's not unheard that people use the political power to influence the business conducts. I warned my classmate to go to US himself so that he will see himself. Not every American is a bully and they certainly don't deserve to be hated due to the behaviors of other Americans in other countries.

I have heard many bad comments about the US from people coming from different countries, and I believe they have been influenced by the local medias who always try to manipulate the people. I used to be one of them but then I witnessed the situation myself when I lived there. Of course I won't say it's the best country in the world like many Americans claim, but it has been miss-perceived in a lot of way.


  1. Bee Ean,

    U might like to direct yr S.American friend to read this site. The true capitalist define -


    A true capitalist will not oppress. A true capitalist believe the market move by supply and demand.

    The modern America is a socialist diguised in capitalist skin. It is only skin deep.

    I think a lot of S. American country take up easy route to take up the World bank borrowing, which is the downfall. Indonesian took the route but Malaysia did not !! Thanks to Dr. M for his wise decision and not 'kow tow' to the white supremercy ! In the S.E Asis realm, I think Malaysia is doing well !

    The author of the blog :

  2. Jamy,

    I told him that this is a market of supply and demand. But he said that the American sold them stuffs with bad quality and pressed on their president. The president then order the businessman to sign and accept the contract. So eventhough they said no initially as they knew that the products they are getting will not sell in the market (no demand), they still have to sign and pay for the order due to the political inteferce.

  3. That is right, bullying is not captialisam. It is not socialism either. It is called barbarism.

    But well, we live in a real world that ultimately it is the aircraft carriers, jets and missle that counts.