Friday, October 13, 2006


I have never thought that weather can influence so many things in life.

Coming from Malaysia, a country with tropical weather, where everyday is either too hot or it rains to cool down the heat a little. The sun raises at around 7.30am and sets at around 7.30pm. So you wake up every morning facing the almost identical weather condition. We have open air restaurants everywhere. In our closets we just need to have one jacket. You do not need to have summer and winter clothes, you do not need to spend 5 minutes to cover yourself because it's damn cool outside. It's predictable, kind of.

In Brittany, it can rain and suddenly the sun is out. People prefer to have their wedding during the summer hoping to have a nice day for the celebration. Sometimes you don't know whether you need to bring a jacket, or a raincloth, or a thicker jacket, or a scarf... It's so unpredictable. You are at home all warm up and wearing short pants. You thought that it's sunny day so you go out with only one layer of cloth. But, when you got out, the wind blows you away, you need to go back to get extra layer of cloth. Tiresome. My friend told me that it takes her 5 minutes to dress her kids before they go out.

On one hand, you don't have only summer in Malaysia. You can't enjoy the change of the season, you can see the change of the plants. In Malaysia they are green all year.

But you won't wake up in the morning saying shit because it's too cool and you know you need to cover yourself up; or wake up in the middle of the night because it's too hot.

I think the weather in Malaysia makes me a simple person: I don't like complication. I only have several pairs of clothes that I thought that I can wear all year long. I don't understand why French have to have different kind of glasses to put different kind of drinks: for me they are meant to be drunk and no matter what kind of glass you use they taste the same. It's annoying people keep giving us glasses because I have no room to store them. I don't like people asked me to buy different kind of shoes for different kind of activities: one pair for hiking, one pair for badminton, one pair to walk, one pair to go into the sea... annoying.

I'm extremely depressed these days when I wake up and it's damn cool, I hate hinter, I don't care about snow...

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  1. The weather here used to really depress me - even though winter is really cold where I'm from, we still have a lot of sunshine, which helps a lot. The cold and humidity and unpredictableness of the weather here used to really get to me, though I've sort of gotten used to it now.