Friday, October 27, 2006

I love the Free Chinese channels

Ever since end of August I had have the luxury to be able to watch 14 Chinese TV channels in France. They come with our subscription to Freebox, who provide the broadband internet connection, the digital TV and phoneline for 30 euros a month. Here's the list of channels:

180: CCTV4 (in Mandarin)
181: CCTV9 (in English)
182: CCTV Espagnol & Français (News in Spanish and French, other programs in Chinese with Spanish or French subtitle)
183: CCTV divertissement (in Mandarin)
184: China Movie (in Mandarin, mostly old films from 70s-80s)
185: Beijing TV (in Mandarin)
186: Shanghai Dragon TV (in Mandarin)
187: Jiangsu International (in Mandarin)
188: Hunan Satelit TV (in Mandarin but sometimes Hunanese)
189: Xiamen Star TV (in Taiwanese/Hokkien)
190: ZheJiang Star TV (in Mandarin)
191: Guangdong Southern TV (in Cantonese)
192: Phoenix infonews (in Mandarin)
193: Phoenix Entertainment and News (in Mandarin)

Bad news: At the beginning of November, most of channels will require payment. What leave as free channels are 180,181,182 and 193. I probably should pay the 8.88 euros per month for all the 10 channels.

I have been following a lot of the programs especially soup opera in Hokkien. I do not watch French TV here bcos they like to have political debat programs, or dubbed American programs. Basically the French TV programs are not interesting for me.

I know I need to watch French TV to improve my French, but at the same time watching TV is supposed to be an entertainment which I find more in the Chinese channels.

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