Friday, October 19, 2007

12am Vs 12pm

We had dinner with our American professor tonight and he was sitting around to make sure he can speak with all the students.

When he was sitting beside me, he asked what was the differences I could tell about the American University and the French University.

I told him I was impressed by the facilities in my University in the USA, that the library was open until 12am.

He corrected me and said, it should be 12pm.

No, I told him, that I meant mid night 12am, and noon = 12pm. Mid night is 12am because it's the beginning of the day.

He said I was wrong. Then he joked that maybe he were wrong that he learnt the bad English.

I checked on the internet, and according to wikipedia, I was right. 12am = mid night

How about you guys, do you have problem with this? What is 12am for you guys? Night or noon?


  1. May be he was pulling your leg. Or in some places '12am' is still very bright. I think places with long summer or something (i could be wrong).

    For me, 12am = midnight. hehe...also checked my handphone time too.

    You have a good weekend ahead.

  2. As far as I know, noon is 12pm and American usually use refer it as noon. 12am is midnight.

  3. Anonymous4:16 AM

    To me 12am = midnight and 12pm is noon.....

  4. Anonymous9:03 AM

    For me, 12am means midnight and a new day..

    12pm means afternoon.

    So nice your professor can joke with you all..

  5. 12am is definitely midnight for me. The french don't use the AM/PM thing - it's an anglophone thing - I think he just got confused!

  6. I agree with you - 12am is midnight!

  7. 12am is midnight... no need to check wikipedia....

    oh.... regarding your later entry... yeah, send the link to the professor.