Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dont fight cos everyone is right

Unavoidably, we need to have group project which leads to group discussion thus argument.

Once we were arguing over the finance term "turnover", "revenue" and "income".

For me, what a company gets from selling it's products and services is called "revenue".

For the French and other foreigners, its called "turnover".

One guy said it should be "income".

Turned out everyone is right.

Revenue is a term used in the USA, turnover is a term used in the Europe, and income is a term used for individual.

So, everyone is right so stop arguing.

But, our professor is from the US and we are in the Europe, which word should we use?


  1. let's just say you will not me marked wrong if you put any of those term, no?

  2. If the project is about a company, then revenue and turnover can be used interchangeably

  3. Maybe ask the lecturer what terms he will be using, Turnover or Revenue?

    Or if that fails... When in 'Rome do what the Romans Do'...for this case...Use European term.