Monday, October 15, 2007

Airbus delivers its first A380 superjumbo to Singapore Airlines

After 2 years of delay, Airbus finally delivered its first A380 to Singapore Airlines.

Some info about A380:
Total capacity: 471 passengers
Private suite: 12
Business class seats: 60
Economy class seats: 399

From Singapore to Sydney round trip:
Private suite: $5115
Business: 15-20% more than the normal flight
Economy: 1040 euros (I saw this on the news but not sure this price is for Sin-Sydney flight)

So, you can now spend $10,230 for honeymoon on the A380 and sleep comfortably before arriving in Sydney. Now Samantha doesn't have to be disturbed by the flight attendance while dating her rich Richard (a scene in the Sex and the City).


  1. Anonymous12:07 AM

    i think my fren gonna b flying from sydney to singapore in oct...on this new airbus.

  2. Anonymous4:30 AM

    Wahh, now you can join the mile high club in comfort, without have to sneak into the toilets to do it!!