Monday, October 22, 2007

When you have a lovely hubby... are going to get this kind of note "Don't even THINK about it" when your crave for a biscuit.

According to hubby, I'm fat enough so I'm forbidden to get all kind of junk foods. However, I can eat as much fruits and vegetables as I want to support the government campaign of "Eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day".

Another day I'm allowed to have junk foods is when there are guests at home. The French serve junk foods as appetizers.

Poor me.


  1. "...I can eat as much fruits and vegetables as I want to support the government ..."

    Mangez des pommes ! :)

  2. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Is the gov't campaign to eat more fruit and vegetable for health reasons? Are the french getting as fat as americans? Haha. I just read about how the British are getting obese too, mostly due to the lifestyle they lead.

  3. Bee Ean,
    I saw in the news saying that the French women are getting fatter nowadays. They indulge on sweet desserts and fast food.

    Anyway, what is Mangez des pommes means?

  4. Howdy,

    Its kind of nice ur hubby worry about ur health.

    But he better don;t eat in front of u (things u can't eat), that will be mean....:)

    Keep well now.

  5. ok, Fabien wanted to verify that he didn't think I'm fat but if I continue eating junk foods like I was I'm going to be super fat.

    He left the first message with "mangez des pommes" = eat some apples

    Hi Puteri,
    Yes the French are getting fatter especially the kids. They love French fries. So the government is trying to encourage the citizen to eat more fruits and veggies. But overall the French is still not as obese as the American. Especially women you can see they are super slim.

    Hi Cat Cat,
    The French always have the sweet desserts. But you are right the youngsters are eating more and more fast food. However, there is a trend when they grow up, they stop eating fast foods. For example Fabien, he used to love McDonald but now he hardly go eat there. It has been a while I wanted to try out the KFC here but for him KFC = fast food = bad food.

    ha you are funny. He always eat dessert in front of me. I can try dessert with junk food anytime. I just don't have sweet tooth.

    Yes that's actually cool we accept each other's weak points. haha