Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I found my hair salon!

Did I tell you guys how much I was disappointed the last two times I went to a hair salon in France? Well, they were for my wedding and they couldn't just do what I wanted.

Today, I pushed myself to visit a hair salon at the corner of the apartment complex. The result? Hubby said I look younger, and I myself like it a lot!

I was hesitating a lot between going for this one and pay 26or let my friend do it for 15€. my friend do it to earn some side income while studying. Eventually I decided to give it a try again, let the French handles my hair and pay like the French. Apparently it was a wise decision.

You might not believe it, but after 7 years living overseas, I went to hair salon twice in the USA , and 3 times in France, in which twice I was forced to go due to the wedding. When I was younger, it was my mother who would cut my hair. I loved the moment when she would touch and tidy my hair, I felt loved. I started going to hair salon only after I started working in Malaysia. My sister forced me to do the 离子烫 (direct translation Ion burn), which was very popular in Malaysia, and suddenly my messy hair became straight and smooth. So each time I would cut my hair in Malaysia instead of in the USA or France. Now, I want to try the hair style like the French girls here.

My first experience of going to a hair salon in the USA was an embarrassing one. I didn't know that it's in the tradition to pay tips to the hair dresser! So I went and I even got $5 discount. I just took the money and left, wondering at the same time why the hair dresser was looking at me. When I met my friend at the front door, she asked how much tips I gave. I said ZERO! Oh my god I was so embarrassed so I never went to the shop again.

And, and, have you guys even met male hair dresser who are manly??? I got a guy who cut my hair, and I just need to conclude that all the men who work in the hair salon are kind of like...girly. Why?


  1. Anonymous5:32 PM

    hehehe ... my hair is a bit difficult to cut because it is naturally wavy ... I didn't like the cut I had the last time at a French salon - well it was a cheap 18 € cut. They gave me a china doll cut. Most of time like you, I get my hair cut in Singapore or my MIL cut it for me. Maybe I should be brave like you and get it cut at the salon at a higher price.

  2. Anonymous12:04 AM

    I always have problem when it comes to visiting salon. I don't know what I want and in the end I would just say "potong pendek saja" .. I look like a 15 year old school boy again. Hai ... I think next time I should bring some photos of what kind of style i want

  3. I have a very good dresser who is my husband hairdresser as well. She did my hair for my wedding. My husband has been going to her salon for years now and she is now my son hairdresser too :). A family affair.

    When I went home, my mother hairdresser who is also our family hairdresser for the past 30years :).

    It takes time to find one who is reliable and once you find him/her stick to him/her.

    When I was in H.K, I love male hairdresser, they are the best to blow the 'Chen Yi Ling' style :):). The hairdresser did not even need comb to blow dry :). My H.K friends used to bring me to some of the best Sifu in town, they are very tak lawan :):).

  4. Anonymous4:21 AM

    You really want to get yourself a rebonding ? hehe good !!!!

    Now i want to make my hair curly.. what do you think ?

  5. cookingninja,
    Yes you should really give it a try. I can't effort to wait till I go back to Malaysia each time. :-)

    Well I brought a photo to the hair dresser but she just couldn't reproduce the same hair style.

    Cool ah you got a hair dresser that can service the whole family. :-)

    Last time I was in Malaysia always every girl has curly hair. I heard that it's the fashion now. But personally I feel that it makes a person look older. Unless you want to try to look mature, else think twice. Just my humble opinion, maybe your face shape is suitable for a curly hair???