Saturday, October 20, 2007

Why I write pay post

This morning I was telling hubby that when I get a job, I will buy myself a LV bag. He said if I do so, he will be very disappointed. I don't know how to explain to him that I don't like to live on someone. LV bag is just a symbol, that I'm able to support myself, that I can love myself with my hard earn money.

Ever since I was very young I started working part time to support myself. I don't remember ever received monthly pocket money like the kids get here. One thing I hate about France is the possibility to get a part time job is super low, even as a sales person in a supermarket, probably because I'm a foreigner. There is a constant "eage" deep from my heart that I need to gain some "bread" by myself.

I knew about paid post from some sites and at the beginning I just ignored it. Then I slowly accepted it, as I have seen that sites where paid posts exist could have interesting contents too. My intention at the beginning was to buy myself some hobby related stuff, like a book or a puzzle.

After 4 months of trying, my paypal account grew from 0 to $164. This is nothing compared with what others have achieved, but at least it is an effort from my part. Do not think this is an easy job. I sincerely think people who manage to earn a lot out of this have to have certain talent in certain way. I tried to make sure whatever I write is related to my experience. I actually enjoy writing some of the posts, it keeps myself updated to some of the products and information available out there.

I was almost giving up at some point, because I only registered with PayPerPost, whom's opportunity could be gone within minutes. I was not motivated to check the site everyday just to fight with someone to get the post. I don't want to write about anything related to gambling or some products I have never used. Recently I joined Blogvertise, I sincerely think they have a better way of approaching the blogger, by sending them email about the task and people can just accept or decline it.

I usually write for post that pays minimum $10 = 7 euros, which can only pay for a sandwich or cheap lunch in France. I have yet to buy anything with the money, but who knows one day I can use my American Airlines Mileage to visit USA again, and these money can pay for my expenses there? :-)


  1. BE,
    Am not sure if you have read this :
    A definitive list of get paid to write by dosh dosh ?

  2. wow... the prices are scaring me... i really need to save up to go to paris, or anywhere near europe.

    anyway, i think to have the LV bag as a symbol that you are support yourself is quite err.... ridiculous to me. yes, you dont like living off your husband but if you can really suppport yourself, you dont need to have something just to satisfy yourself... no? it's the thought that counts... right?

  3. thanks Jamy.

    I think this is called vanity. Just like some guys like to buy fancy car, expensive sound system, computer gadgets, just to please themselves. I didn't say this is right, just a girl sometimes need to love herself. Some woman asked for expensive wedding ring or fancy clothes, I asked just to buy a bag using my own money, is this too much to ask?

  4. Bee Ean,
    I have just recently bought an LV bag and I feel so good about that... That's from my hard-earned money and I think I deserved what I always wanted - LV bag.

    As for pay-per-post, I did make some money from them, enough for me to buy another LV bag.. HEHE.

    Good work Bee Ean. Keep up with blogging for money. I have been posting for PPP for so often now and never had a rejected post that they automatically approved my post immediate (once I posted) - no longer have to wait for the advertiser to approve. ;)

  5. Helo Bee,

    Keep it up. Don;t give up. LV bags in Westen countries no problem.

    Try not to use in Malaysia (if back for holiday or something).

    Some ppl might think it is fake. And that will not be nice, cause u bought it with ur hard earn money.

  6. Anonymous2:36 PM

    You're always providing such great information about earning revenue from blogging...LOVE that! Thank you!

  7. Hi Cat Cat,

    Great work for the paid post. At least can earn some pocket money.


    You are right. My sisters bought some LV bags when they were here in Paris, and they said the fake bag producers can reproduce the latest model very fast.

    Actually I'm not good at all in the pay blogging, if you want to explore more in this topic you should look at the link kayatan posted (the first comment), it has the complete list of blog advertisers that you can use.