Sunday, October 28, 2007

shift your clock

For those who live in France, don't forget that the summer daylight saving is over starting from this Sunday (28 Oct), now you have to shift your clock back by one hour. For example, 3pm would be 2pm now.

As for the US region, the shift will be effective from 4 November, Sunday next week.


  1. Hi Bee Ean

    I just learned yesterday that we will be falling back an hour next week (in the U.S.). I was so used to the October change, being in Germany for almost 6 years.

    Now, it is going to be even darker at 6:00pm. :(
    (End of the year daylight savings is not my favourite)

  2. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I had to turn in a quiz today and my university is in California, which is normal nine hours behind France...

    I read your blog entry and of course switched the clocks in the house, but forgot to consider the time difference for Cali, since the US hasn't switched over yet.

    To make a long story short, I didn't realize the time difference is now eight hours until three minutes before a quiz was due...luckily I knew all of the answers. :ol

  3. Anonymous10:19 AM

    I heard that australia too.. Any discomfort then ?

  4. j.t,
    I just hate it when it get dark at 5-6pm. I so get used to the fact that in Malaysia night = dark day = 7.30pm. I always want to rush home when the sky is dark, thinking it's too late already.

    wow that was a close one. Luckily you are a good student, know all the answers already. I hope my blog didn't miss-lead you haha.

    I'm not sure whether they do the same in Australia, I think they do. In terms of discomfort, what kind of discomfort do you mean? Sometimes it raises inconvenient as some people just didn't realize the change, so they will be late or arrive too early for a meeting. I once had a project meeting with my American classmates, and they were all late bcos the clock shift in advance for one hour. They were all one hour late.