Monday, December 03, 2007

French Expression: Give a rabbit

When a French gives you a rabbit, don't accept it! It means that he is standing you up! Give a rabbit in French means people who misses the appointment without informing the party waiting for him/her. In Chinese it means 放飞机.

Left photo:"I need to go for my appointment."
"Why? Didn't you want to give him a rabbit?"
Right photo:"Exactly."

Anyone has could come up with an explanation why give some a rabbit means stand someone up? My reasoning being that once you put the rabbit on the floor, it would just runaway, you won't see the rabbit again. Same thing, you won't see the guy you are having appointment with when he decided "to give you a rabbit".


  1. Hi Bee

    That is interesting. Good to know something new.

    I hope I don't give anyone any rabbits in the future, either purposely or accidentally. :D

  2. yeah please don't give any rabbits to any people. I don't think you want to get rabbit from other as well. :-)

  3. Anonymous3:50 AM

    Oo.. learn a new phrase today..
    fly aeroplane is give you a rabbit.. hehe