Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I passed the logic test!

Yes, I did it. I'm so happy. I know there are still long way to go before I can really get a job or an internship, but at least this set me to an interview = open door to a job.

We had to do two tests.The first one was pretty common type of logical test. The second one was all domino test, at least they were not testing my French!

Now let see whether you can solve this:

Go to comment for answer. :-)


  1. hihi...quite fun n relax my mind for few seconds =D from work.

    how abt the answer for sequence, matrix, circle n spiral

    for me ,
    sequence 5 / 2
    circle 6 /1
    matrix 2/ 5
    Spiral 1 /6

    for domino, my answer were 4/2.

    if am wrong, kindly correct me. thank u ! ;p cheer

  2. Anonymous12:53 AM

    oh boy .. I never like logic IQ test but my guess would be the same 4/2

  3. Congrats on passing the logic test..have been meaning to post but can't...some bug with my lap top. Even my computer friend is at a lost with the bug thingy.

    At the moment using my dad's. So a quick pop in to say hi and all the best for the what u r doing.

    Take care now...have to pop over others who i can't comment lately...:)

  4. never seen this kind of test before, but I got my answer right! :-) 4/2