Sunday, December 30, 2007

Have you ever cooked for your parents?

I don't think I did.

Whenever I want to treat my parents, I bring them to restaurant. Easy and simple and no hassle.

However when I look at my husband, I really appreciate the time he could devote to please his parents. He would think of dishes that his parents have never tried, go to buy the fresh ingredients, spend the whole afternoon preparing, decorate the dishes, match with different kind of wine... of course at the end of the day everyone will say that the dishes are delicious, excellent...

Most importantly, his parents will be pleased and touched.

Sometimes he even share his cooking recipes, ideas, experiences with his mother. He would teach her how to cook a dish. They both then went to buy the ingredients together. When the food is prepared, they think of way to improve, why it didn't turn out as expected...

Chinese always say that they are filial piety to their parents. Can you say that my husband is not nice to his parents? How many of you have ever spent the efforts in preparing your parents a nice meal??? You should be ashamed! Quickly make this as your one of your new year's resolutions before it is too late. :-)


  1. Happy new year, Bee Ean!!

  2. Anonymous1:04 AM

    This year is gone but it had also made us a little strong.
    The path was long but we walked it with a song
    There were fears and tears but we also had some reasons for cheers
    Wishing you and your family a blessed new year



  3. Anonymous1:01 PM

    I did. I cooked for my family before although just a simple meal. yeah I did treat them to restaurant too.

    One of my new year resolution is to spend my family a cameron highland trip.

    Happy new year !

  4. Anonymous3:34 AM

    hi bee ean, just want to share this with you. my sister studied in galway, ireland and she had a few housemates - one french, one finnish, one irish, one german ... the french, finnish and german love to cook ... and make salad dressings from scratch. the irish just microwave a slice of pizza or eat sandwiches. basically, the irish reminded me of the british in their attitude towards food, but the continental europeans ... wow. they really do love their food, and love preparing them! and they are so nice, coz whenever they want to cook for everyone, they would make sure that the ingredients are all halal as my sister is a malay muslim. are we malaysians as concerned over our friends/colleagues dietary requirements? hmm ... but anyway, i like your blog!