Saturday, December 15, 2007

My planning next week

Mon: Morning - Internship interview, Afternoon - big presentation
Tue: Whole day listening to other groups' presentation
Wed: Exam
Thurs: 10 minutes presentation to a government body, in FRENCH!
Fri: 2 exams

At this point, I still haven't finished my Monday presentation power point slides. Not to mention about interview preparation, revision for the exams, think about what to present to the government body.

So don't ask me what I want for Christmas, it's the least important thing in my list!!


  1. BeeEan,
    You have been doing well. You're being focused too. My father-in-law announced that our family will not celebrate Christmas this year and he's taking all of us to the restaurant to eat before Christmas.

    I'm busy with back to back audit. I have not completed the present ones and a new one is coming. I hope I have long hours each day.

  2. wow jesie it seems that your life is crazy with audit. :-) Have a nice fresh up during your Christmas holiday then.