Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I'm going to have an internship interview tomorrow. The first hour will be the presentation of the company, the second hour will be the logical test. Only candidates who have positive test score will be called for interview. My goal is to at least pass the test. I tried to do some test online and I found it quite difficult. I like mathematic questions but those with French language I failed miserably. I hope they won't test too much about French expressions.

Anyway, it seems that for every interview, you need to prepare to talk about your strengths and weaknesses. My classmate said my strong point is the ability to adapt in different situations as I have moved from Malaysia to USA then to France. My husband said I work hard. In terms of weakness, I found on internet that nobody will reveal their real weaknesses and a good interviewer shouldn't have asked this question. But, I was asked this question before so I will need to talk about it. I'm going to say that I work too hard until I sacrifice my leisure time. What do you think?

Can anyone share the "nice" strengths and weaknesses to talk about? This is going to be a consultant position.


  1. Anonymous2:17 AM

    I got to go for interview too.. I also do not know the how to answer...
    i guesss

    Strength is personality of you towards the work. Good relationship with customer, organized, well managed on time..

    Weakness is you used to do something that get something mess but you managed to handle it and solve the problem.

  2. i hate hate hate this part of the interview. always need to lie. and now that i am doing my year end evaluation... i am supposed to do the same thing.

    it's not easy to identify one's own weakness... it depends on what othersa say... sigh.

  3. I saw an article in Career Builder, advise ppls to go for interview must sell themselve positive, stand up right,wear smart clothes and look interesting..hope this will help..Good Luck!!

  4. Hi Bee Ean ... Everyone has a weakness or two and interviewers ask the question because they want to know what we do about it. The best is not to answer in a negative way. Turn your weakness into a positive. My personal weakness is I procrastinate but as a result I have learned to work well under pressure and always get work done on time. Another is I don't have a good memory for details, so I keep checklists. Stuff like that. I think working too hard and sacrificing your leisure time is a weakness to you personally but may be seen by the interviewer as an attempt to over impress that you will be perfect for the position. That is my opinion as a hiring manager. Good Luck!

  5. Thanks everyone for your advises. I will pick those that suit me well.