Sunday, March 30, 2008

Day light saving time started

On the last Sunday of March, France and European Union switch on the day light saving time. This morning, while reaching 2am, my computer time actually went directly to 3am. It means that there is only 6 hours differences between France and Malaysia instead of 7 hours during the winter.

I'm glad I was with some friends who happened to tell me about the time changes. Since Monday I will start my internship, imagine arriving at 9am and realized that you are late as it was already 10am.


  1. coucou!! c'est pau-lynn, la chinoise qui t'a ecrit il n'y a pas longtemps. Vous etes ou a Nantes? et vous venez de Klang aussi oui? ou exactement?

    Bonne Chance pour votre stage. Moi aussi je serai faire mon stage l'annee prochaine, en esperant que j'pourrai le faire a Paris! bisous.

  2. Howdy...hows ur week so far?

    Hope it is alright.

    Have just posted a clip in my blog.

    U take care now...Cheers.