Sunday, March 09, 2008

How will the opposition share the cake

The opposition coalition won 5 states and are forming the new governments.

It is then the time to share the victory cake.

By logic, the party who won the most state seats should be the state government leader (Menteri Besar), but this logic is challenged by the current constitution, where only a Malay Muslim can lead the state, with only exception to Penang.

With this constitution in mind, PAS is going to lead Kelantan, Kedah and Perak, PKR in Selangor and DAP in Selangor. The situation becomes very tricky for Perak.

Perak state seats won by:
DAP 18

But PAS will be the leader for Perak, despite holding the least seats among the opposition.

The reason, DAP has no Malay Muslim candidate even though they hold the most seats. The logic will be to look within PKR. Unfortunately, among the 7 candidates, there are only three Malay Muslim who do not hold too high position in the party. So, PAS will lead Perak.

This general election is giving a strong message to the government that the people is tired of race based politic. And here again, we are limited by race politic.

DAP Perak president could not be the Menteri Besar (MB) despite winning the most seats in the states, simply because he is not a Malay Muslim. DAP is trying to get the Perak Sultan to agree in appointing a non muslim, but I don't know how much chance they have. And I heard that PKR wanted their people to be the vice MB.

Let see how they share the cake, eventually.

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