Saturday, March 15, 2008

Paris Housing Crisis: Apartment and Sex

A friend sent me this article, talking about the housing crisis in France especially in the Paris areas. People actually offer room (for those who couldn't afford the rent) in exchange for different kind of services: sex.

I have yet to know anybody around my social circle who couldn't find an accommodation in Paris. When I was going to take up the internship there, I quickly came through several options. One of them being staying in those Chinese run bed and breakfast, offering around 15-20 a night, dinner included. If not, there are a lot of Chinese students willing to rent out their living room to share the rent.

I have to say that I have a very different mentality than the French. I have gotten used to sharing room and space with other people, so living in a living room was not shocking to me. Of course I didn't really do it since I was not going to Paris anymore. Easy said than done.

The point is, we are all having housing crisis in the French standard in terms of space and privacy. To tell you the true, I'm actually missing the time I lived with my family (8 people in 3 rooms house), and with friends during my University time (12 people in 3 rooms apartment).

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