Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Men with two wives

Malaysian Islamic allows the muslim to have up to 4 wives. However, in reality, I have never known of any Muslim friends who have more than one wife. Therefore it was shocking to see a politician to have 2 wives in his biodata one day in a local newspaper.

I think it was Datuk Ahmad Said, who is the MB of Terengganu and leading to all the political saga these days. While I couldn't find back the biodata I saw that day, in today's staronline they no longer say he has two wives, instead that he is married to Norliza Mahmud and have 8 children. I thought I was wrong, but then I saw another article talking about how his wife is in stress due to the current situation, and she has 4 children. While, if Datuk Ahmad has 8 children and she has 4 children, that means the other 4 children are from a different mother.

So, is the media trying to hide the fact that he is married to two wives? Are Malaysians less acceptance to bigamy policy now?

Another politician who has two wives is Datuk Seri Hadi from PAS, he has 14 children.

Anyone know of Malaysians who have 3-4 wives?


  1. Anonymous12:15 AM

    i donno about any malaysians who hv 3-4 wives but i do hv 1 story to tell. my colleague is from pakistan. he has this friend who was bullied quite badly in school one day....and his friend, wiping his tears off and told the bully to wait so that he can bring his siblings here.

    the bully waited and got bashed up by 27 kids.

    yea, that guy got 26 siblings.

  2. Anonymous1:00 AM

    i know!
    in my hometown Terengganu, published in a newspaper last year i think.
    the 4 wives live under 1 roof peacefully.
    take care of each other.
    yes there are some family who cannot live peacefully like that with more than 1 wife.
    but there is too who can do so.
    especially if that man marries to a 2nd, 3rd or 4th wives to help them.

  3. I used to work for a man who had 7 wives. And he was the president of Chinese Chamber of Commerce. I am not sure if all these wives were legal or not but they all have a home and he spend a night in every of these women.
    I was the English and Math tutor for his 3rd wive 3 children.
    When I was young, I often wondered how these women can live this kind of live ? sharing husband with another 7 woman ? It is so weird but it is not common for Chinese men to have many wives or rather mistresses ? I do not think they are mistresses cos all these women names appear in the guy obituary as 1st , 2nd... 7th wife, go figure !

  4. Anonymous3:48 AM

    Malaysian non muslim officially has a wife but actually you will not know how many they have..hahaha

  5. alvin, wow, that's two football teams! and I thought one is already a lot.

    khalid, if having 4 wives is a news that it is not common I presume? Yeah actually in ancient China the wives used to live peacefully under one roof. I think it has to do with the culture.

    Jamy, 7 wives is a lot! Now that you mentioned it, I realized that a lot of Chinese rich men have several wives, but usually in the past. These days if they do it they will get blamed by the public. They do it secretly now.

    Yeah Keeyit, at least the first wife get to keep half the property in case of a divorce, but those mistresses will have to dig the treasure when the man is still alive. hehe

  6. Hi Bee Ean, its farina. i dont kno of anybody with 3-4 wives but 1 of my frens has 2. all 3 of them comes fr rich families. and sultan brunei has 3 official wives, i think.