Thursday, March 06, 2008

We won

We had a simulation games today. We were divided in groups and had to sell a solution to a company (played by students). Among the four groups, we were chosen. We won the project, wow!

It was a meaningful win as despite my broken French, I managed to transmit the message during my presentation. Besides, my team mates were able to understand me and helped me transform the ideas into written form. It boost up my confidence to stay competitive in the French speaking world.

On the other hand, the professor had a very valuable remark. I was proposing a solution and justified it through the French culture, in which I pointed out the French "resist to change", directly in front of a group of French directors (played by students). In the professional world, it would have caused us the project, as it would created dissatisfaction due to my insensibility to the culture and pride of the audiences. The French students didn't find it offensive, as they have gotten used to my critics all the times. :-) Still, a note to myself.

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