Saturday, March 08, 2008

Opposition won over Penang, Kedah and Kelantan

Wow, earthquake in Malaysia!

The opposition has successfully taken over 3 states, created history moment for Malaysian politic.

Until now, the alliance of DAP, PKR and PAS have won 24 seats over 40 in Penang. These three parties will form the state government. It is time for the opposition parties to prove their ability! A lot been said during the election campaign, it is time to act and to prove how they could perform better than the current government. It is very important that they hold on to their promises, as the whole country is watching. If Penang is under good control in their hand, it would be more persuasive that they have the ability to take over other states in the future.

Bravo Malaysia for this change!

I'm happy for this change, but at the same time worried about the future of MCA and Gerakan. Will UMNO punish them and diminish their influence in the coalition?


  1. no, UMNO will blame
    1) Pak Lah (UMNO)
    2) Samy Vellu (MIC)
    3) Anwar (PKR)
    and may be
    4) chinese media
    5) internet

    MCA doing well in Johor.

  2. But Penang is controlled by opposition due to the heavy defeat of MCA to DAP.

    Anyway, are Penang people happy about the change of government or they are actually in shock?

  3. A lot of people are extremely happy whether chinese, indian or the urban malays. You can just look at facebook to feel the emotions. It's so amazing!

    I think the politicians were more shocked than the public:D

    Let's just hope the oppositions take this opportunity to make things rights, otherwise they won't get a 2nd chance. I think although the majority are silent, they make things heard through other ways.

  4. Eventhough I am far away, I still can feel the impact and I definitely happy with Malaysians brave decision. I don't think UMNO should blame on MCA or GERAKAN. We all know the problems are NOT on these 2 parties but UMNO.Malaysians are just tired of the useless government and they want a change. I believe they are still many talented people in MCA who would definitely contribute got Malaysia chinese.
    Way to go Malaysia~~~

  5. It might takes the other party longer duration to become another corrupted party :).
    Sorry for being such a sacs :).